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Facing Obstacles During Weight Loss


sing weight on your own can be tough. It’s important to be prepared to handle any obstacles that may come your way. Investing in a medical weight loss program will give you the support, guidance, and tools you need to face setbacks with confidence. Here are some common weight loss obstacles and some strategies to help overcome them.

You’re Exercising—But Not Enough

When you first start your weight loss program, a little bit of exercise may feel like a lot. You may even experience quick results, but this likely won’t last. As you get in better shape, you’ll need to spice up your workout and push yourself farther. How? Here are some ideas:

  • Find a fun hobby that will make you more active such as hiking or playing golf.
  • Get a pedometer and set increasing step goals.
  • Add more bursts of exercise into your day, like a morning walk or a quick lunchtime stroll.
  • Find a personal trainer and learn some new exercises.
  • Get a friend to join a workout class with you.

Skipping Meals to Cut Calories

The best way to lose weight is to put the focus on your health. This means eating a well-balanced diet—not skipping meals to save room for other items later. When you deprive yourself during the day, you are only making yourself hungrier later. This often leads to overeating and snacking.

Talk with your weight loss doctor about dieting strategies that can help you lose weight without forcing yourself to be hungry all day long.

Portion Sizes

Learning proper portion sizes is an important part of nutritional education. Portions can be very large when you go out to restaurants which may lead to serving up big plate sizes at home too. Even if you’re eating healthy foods, eating too much can inhibit your weight loss efforts.

Try adopting smaller portion sizes and eating each portion completely before heading to the kitchen for another. This will give your body time to digest. When snacking, read nutrition labels carefully to get an idea of what the recommended portion is.

Participating in a medical weight loss program is the best way to overcome obstacles. It will lead you in the right direction to keep you on track with your goals.

This is How You Lose the Weight, Once and For All

If you’re ready to say goodbye to quick fixes that never last? And you’re serious about losing the weight for good? We’re the experts you can trust to guide you through a weight loss program that will not only take the weight off but keep it off.
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We're the experts you can trust to guide you through a weight loss program that will not only take the weight off but keep it off.

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