Exercise Speeds Up Medical Weight Loss


In a recent study1, men rode a stationary bike at high intensity for 45 minutes. During their workout, they burned 519 calories. Afterward and for the next 14 hours, they burned an additional 190 calories. The total burned was 709 more calories on an exercise day than on a non-exercise day.

If you do the math, this really adds up. If you exercise 5 days a week for 45 minutes for an extra 709 calories per day, you will burn an additional 3545 calories for the week and lose about an extra pound just due to your exercise.

There are a lot of benefits of exercise especially high intensity exercise. High intensity exercise can be achieved via a constant speed or through interval training. If you currently are doing a cardiovascular workout (walking, bicycling, running, swimming, etc), start by increasing your speed for 1-2 intervals during your workout for a total of 1 minute for each. Over time and not too fast, keep adding more accelerations or intervals and slowly increase the quantity of intervals also.

Other benefits of exercise are stress reduction, improved mood, belly fat reduction, better sleep, better blood pressure, and better blood sugar and now we know exercise also helps you to burn calories even at rest.

Exercise as I have pointed out for sure helps us to lose weight in a weight loss program and is an absolute necessity for weight maintenance.

Calories Burn

519 Calories
190 Calories
709 Calories

1 From the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise

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