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Who says eating healthy means breaking open that piggy bank? Sure, dollar menu items will fill you up on the cheap, but there are plenty of healthy alternatives that are affordable on just about any budget. In fact, by learning a few tricks and being smart with your dining budget you can actually save money by switching to a healthier diet as you lose weight in Chandler or Scottsdale. This just involves cooking more meals at home, eating whole foods and avoiding tempting snacks from the drive-thru.

There is a rumor that eating healthy is something only the well-off are able to do. This just isn’t the truth. While it isn’t always practical to grow your own food, purchasing fruits and vegetables from a local farmer can cut the cost of your grocery bill in half. When you buy from a local farmer you do not have to pay any of the added cost of shipping and handling. The entire cost of the purchase is going back to the hand that grew it. This means no transportation cost, no fuel cost, no shelving cost and no preservation cost. The produce isn’t just fresher; it is a great deal more affordable.

In Scottsdale you can get fresh produce at the Old Town Farmer’s Market, which is open on Saturdays from 8am to 1pm.

Buying local and fresh produce is a great way to save money while eating healthy, but it isn’t your only option. Here are a few other ways to tighten those purse strings while tightening your belt:

  • Buy in bulk. Wholesale clubs can make eating healthy easy and affordable. Buy healthy items you can eat regularly in bulk and portion them out appropriately so you can get the most use out of them over time. This is a great way to buy meat, healthy starches and canned goods.
  • Cook at home. Eating out is pricey. If you are trying to eat healthy on a budget then your best bet is to start cooking yourself meals at home. The more you cook, the more ingredients you will have in your pantry and the more affordable cooking every night will become.
  • Drink water. Cutting out soda, juice and other sugary beverages is great for your waistline and wallet. Water is free or close to it just about anywhere you go.

Your medical weight loss program will introduce you to healthy habits that will help you keep your weight off long-term. Couple those new healthy habits with budget-friendly spending techniques and you’ll be all set for the healthier lifestyle you’ve been longing for.

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