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Another Myth: Calcium Supplements


As a bariatrician (weight loss doctor), I often see people who are looking for the next quick fix for their overweight. Whether it is a new diet, new book, new drug, or old supplements used in a new way there are an abundance of diet messages out there. Most of this “new” material is false, misleading or just unproven.

Successful weight loss depends on 4 key factors:

  1. Less Calories
  2. Adequate Exercise
  3. Quality Sleep
  4. Medical Monitoring/Accountability

These factors have not changed. Another myth has now been busted. According to a study in the Annals of Internal Medicine published June 16. 2009, “calcium supplements have no effect on weight.” In this study, 340 obese or overweight adults, mostly women, were assigned to take either 1,500 milligrams of calcium or a placebo with meals for two years. The investigators found that “after the two years, there were no differences between the two groups in total body weight or body fat mass.”

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