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Mary’s 52 lbs Weight Loss

I have been dieting most of my life. I was a fat kid who grew up to be a fat teenager who at the age of 15 decided she needed a DIET to make her life better. Since then I have been on and off diets for years. In the last few years I had just given up thinking that I was just unable to keep the weight off, I just had to face it that I would live the rest of my life in the half-world of being overweight. I had failed at that part of life. I was resigned to living that way until my doctor sat me down and told me I was a borderline diabetic and I would have to go on blood pressure medicine for the rest of my life. I was not about to let that happen. I did my research and it led me to Scottsdale Weight Loss Center.

In the last 20 weeks I have lost 52 lbs., an amazing number to me and my family. I did the work but I had lots of help. I mean lots and lots of help from all the staff at the Phoenix office of Scottsdale Weight Loss Clinic. Guzman, Jaime, and Megan are the greatest! They were there for me all the way – both Dr. de Guzman and Jaime consistently answered my questions, cajoled me along and helped me succeed with this program. I can never thank them enough for their help, this was a completely transformative experience for me! I no longer have to worry about medical problems. I no longer have to avoid stairs or make up excuses for not being able to tag along with my kids on long bike rides. I even went down a whole shoe size! This has changed my life in every way possible.

Mary's 52 lbs Weight Loss“Having finished the jump start program, I was uncertain about what would come next, more of the program or transitioning to a full meal life. I was elated to find that whichever way I wanted to proceed I still had all the resources of Scottsdale Weight Loss Center. No just dumping me out to work this on my own. The people that had come these 20 weeks with me would still be there to help meet my goals. That support will be vital with ongoing weight loss and transitioning. The fears I had about the future have evaporated. It is a wonderful feeling that they will still be there for me, whatever my future holds.”

Again, there are so many ways this has changed my life, the list grows as I live a more healthy lifestyle. And I will always be thankful that I took the chance and had the immensely talented, supportive and caring team with me.

*Medical weight loss program results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to our weight loss specialists about the results you can expect.

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