Slim healthy girl in black underwear with measuring tape at waistMounjaro is a prescription medication used for diabetes and may be used in new weight-loss programs. This prescription medication is very effective in weight loss, especially if combined with proper diet and regular exercise. At Scottsdale Weight Loss Center, we provide Mounjaro for Phoenix patients who want to reach their ideal body weight.

What Is Mounjaro?

When it comes to achieving weight-loss results, many people find it impossible to rely solely on diet and exercise. Mounjaro offers a perfect solution.

Mounjaro is an injectable prescription drug (tirzepatide) that significantly aids in weight loss. According to a clinical trial, the average weight loss after 72 weeks was 15% for the 5mg dose, 19.5% for the 10mg dose, and 20.9% for the 15mg dose.

How Does Mounjaro Work?

Receptors are proteins that receive chemical signals in the body. As a dual-receptor agonist, Mounjaro activates two receptors in the body: GLP-1 and GIP. Since some weight-loss drugs only activate GLP-1 receptors, this gives Mounjaro an edge over the competition.

By activating these receptors, Mounjaro suppresses appetite and makes the patient feel fuller. In addition, the rate the stomach empties will decrease, allowing the patient to feel full for a longer period. This greatly disrupts the time the patient feels the urge to eat. When combined with proper diet and regular exercise, this helps patients lose significant weight.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Mounjaro is suitable for most patients, especially those with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Patients who are willing to follow a proper diet and regular exercise as directed during treatment are ideal candidates. Candidates should have realistic expectations in terms of results.

This prescription medication is not recommended for patients with type 1 diabetes. It is not yet known whether this medication is safe and effective for children under 18 years old.

Your Consultation

During your Mounjaro consultation at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center, we will discuss your weight-loss goals. Tell us about your struggles and about any weight-loss plans, drugs, and supplements you have tried. A physical exam will be conducted, along with an evaluation of your medical history. This will help determine if you are suitable for Mounjaro injectable weight loss.

An ideal weight-loss program will be presented to you. Dietary instructions will be provided, including eating smaller meals, avoiding overeating, and avoiding fatty foods.

We will discuss your Mounjaro dosage, the injection interval, and the timetable of the projected results. It is vital that you raise any concerns you may have regarding this treatment and your weight-loss program.

The Treatment Process

Mounjaro is usually administered once a week using a single-dose pen. Mounjaro can be administered any time during the scheduled day. The injection sites may vary and may include the stomach, thighs, or the back of the upper arms. The details of this process will be decided depending on the prescription and the weight-loss plan.

After the medication is administered, the patient may experience temporary side effects such as constipation, decreased appetite, diarrhea, indigestion, nausea, stomach pain, and vomiting. The patient must contact us if these symptoms do not go away.

Mounjaro Cost

The price of Mounjaro will vary from patient to patient. Cost may depend on factors like the dosage and the prescription. Find out more during your consultation.

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