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Our Latest Physician Resources

Understanding and Controlling High Cholesterol

Posted: Sep 02 in Lifestyle, Research by

Cholesterol gets a lot of bad press, which is slightly unfair considering it’s necessary for the body to function correctly. So what exactly is cholesterol and how does it affect your health? Here is some information about the dual role cholesterol plays inside you. [Read more]

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Can Weight Loss (and its benefits) be Maintained?

Posted: May 18 in Research by

Overweight and obesity are strong risk factors for type 2 diabetes (T2D). Excess body weight is strongly associated with insulin resistance and hyperglycemia. Weight loss plays a central role in efforts to prevent or delay T2D. In persons with overweight or obesity improved glycemia is readily noticeable with weight loss. However the health benefits of […]

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5 Simple Ways To Help Your Patients Get Active

Posted: May 17 in Opinion, Resource by

On our initial consultation with our patients, we ask the question “When did you start to gain weight, excess weight?”  They most common answer is initially during college, sedentary job and getting married because of the lack of exercise.  Yes, there are many other reasons we can go into and weight is multifactorial, but, what […]

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Fitness and a Healthy Body Weight in Young Men Prevents Future Disability

Posted: May 15 in Research, Resource by

Noncommunicable diseases are public health issues that lead to early death and disability. Psychiatric, musculoskeletal, nervous system, cardiovascular disorders, cancer and injuries all contribute to this burden. Many countries grant disability pensions to working-aged persons who are likely to never work full time again because of chronic disease or injury. Therefore the identification of early […]

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Does weight loss reduce breast cancer risk?

Posted: May 14 in Research by

Obesity affects nearly every organ system.  Weight loss has been shown to reduce diabetes and hypertension.  For example, most of our insulin-requiring patients with type 2 diabetes successfully discontinue insulin within two months of initiating treatment, and their HgA1c levels drop markedly.  Blood pressure medicines reduce by ½ within 12 weeks. Obesity increases the risk […]

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