What is “Ozempic Face”?


Ozempic® (Semaglutide) is approved to treat type 2 diabetes. as Another version of Semaglutide is called Wegovy® and is FDA approved for weight loss. It is currently one of the most effective weight loss treatments on the market, resulting in losing about 18% of their weight.

While Ozempic is generally considered safe and effective, some people may experience side effects. One of those side effects is a result of loss of fat in areas of the body.

Weight gain leads to fat increase in all areas of our bodies. Where we deposit fat is dependent upon genetics. We do not get to choose where fat increases or decreases. Fat in the face leads to more puffy looking cheeks and the filling in of age-related wrinkles. During weight loss, our bodies mobilize fat from the abdomen, chest, arms, legs, and face. The loss of fat in the face results in some wrinkling. Some people have referred to this change as “Ozempic face” when people use the drug Ozempic for weight loss.

There is no evidence to show that wrinkles from weight loss is limited to Ozempic, or that more rapid weight loss is a factor in these facial lines. Since this drug leads to quick and dramatic weight loss, some people find the rapid change in facial features to be disturbing. In fact, any weight loss will lead to more prominent facial skin folds, whether it be from weight loss surgery, self-dieting, or medical weight loss.

Fad diets may be a factor in the worsening of facial aging. Wrinkles are also caused by loss of facial collagen, the protein below the skin that serves to shape the face. A fad diet is one that is lacking complete nutrition. Examples include the cabbage soup diet, grapefruit diet and starvation diets.

Experienced medical weight loss clinicians do not prescribe fad diets because they can cause loss of muscle mass, decrease in bone strength (osteoporosis), and make people appear and feel unhealthy. They rarely lead to sustained fat loss. Any successful diet must provide complete nutrition, including protein.

Facial lines, sagging and jowl lines are inevitable with age and significant weight loss. Fortunately, filler and Botox® can help reduce the appearance of aging by filling in areas of fat loss and relaxing the muscles of the face.

In summary, any weight loss can lead to some wrinkling of the face and ensuring that you are on a comprehensive medically supervised diet including plenty of protein intake during dieting is critical to reducing excess facial wrinkling.

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