Weight of the Nation


On June 14, HBO launched its series “Weight of the Nation” a series tasked with raising the dialogue of obesity to a national level. Scottsdale Weight Loss Center was there to watch the premier viewing.

The first episode effectively made the case that obesity is a disease that affects nearly every organ in the body.

The second episode addressed choices for those who are obese. Click here to watch it for free

Here are some highlights:

  • The Bogalusa study showed that obese children had early signs of heart disease. Autopsies on obese children who died from accidental deaths had plaques in their arteries. 50% of children from Bogalusa are now obese.
  • Obesity is a genetic disorder in which environmental factors allow it to flourish.
  • The Mississippi Delta is Ground Zero for obesity, with the highest obesity rates in the country.
  • Fat deposits in the liver (fatty liver disease) is becoming a more common reason for liver failure and need for liver transplantation. 25%-30% of adults have fatty liver.
  • Weight gain in those who are already obese leads to rapid increase in health consequences-increase cholesterol and liver fat. Preventing weight gain may be just as important as losing weight. 5% weight loss leads to significant improvement in health, including clearing of liver fat.
  • 20% of cancers in cancers in women are caused by obesity. Obese and overweight people are 80% more likely to develop dementia.
  • The Nurses Health Study showed that obese women were 50-100 times more likely to develop diabetes. Diabetes causes a breakdown of blood vessels, leading to amputations, heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure and blindness.
  • To lose weight, make small steps, be realistic, enlist support to help you achieve your goal, keep portions under control, track your intake, plan and structure your meals, eat breakfast, eliminate sugary drinks, and make exercise a part of your life.
  • All diets ultimately lead to reduced caloric intake. Fad diets focus on weight loss, and not weight maintenance. People who have lost weight must be diligent, since they are not metabolically the same as people who have always be normal weight.
  •  Cutting out sugary drinks is the single best change you can make. “Juice is just like soda,” in the words of Robert Lustig, MD.
  •  Exercise alone will not result in weight loss. Exercise is the key to keeping it off. Physical activity is ALWAYS good for your health.
  •  Be MINDFUL: Pay attention to what you eat. Spend a couple of minutes enjoying the look and smell of your food before you start eating. Enjoy each bite.
  •  Obesity cannot be solved by simple diet and exercise alone. It requires a medical team. Gastric Bypass surgery can lead to complications, such as fistulas, kidney stones, infections. At least 1 in 300 will die from the procedure.
  •  “Grilled, Steamed, Baked” are common words used by successful weight managers.
  •  Exercise is the number one predictor of weight maintenance.
  •  Never give up!


We thank those who shared their stories, their inspirations, their successes, and their challenges. Did you watch the show? Tell us what you thought.

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