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How much does a Weight Loss Program Cost?Scottsdale, Phoenix, Glendale and Chandler, Arizona

Because our programs are custom designed to meet our patients’ individual needs, we are unable to supply a weight loss program cost without knowing your specific circumstances. Some of our options require OPTIFAST® products and some of them do not. Your program cost will depend on your specific weight loss goals, health needs and lifestyle demands. Just as every person’s struggle with weight is unique to their circumstances so will your weight loss program need to be customized to meet your needs. Supplying a standard program cost would be misleading since it could not represent the variety of options available to our patients.

During your free, no obligation consultation with a member of our medical team, we will provide you with a complete summary of the fees associated with achieving your desired weight loss.

The True Cost of Weight Loss Programs

When evaluating different weight loss programs and their costs, consider that during the active weight loss and transition phases of your program, your normal grocery and dining out expenses will substantially decrease because you will likely be using a partial- or full-formula meal replacement plan. Many of our patients discover that program costs are less than what they would normally spend on groceries and dining out for the same time period.

The cost calculator will help you estimate your current average weekly food costs. A substantial portion or even all of these costs can be subtracted from your program cost to give you a more accurate idea of the actual cost of your program.

Average Weekly Food Cost per Person

Average weekly grocery bill $55.00
Average weekly lunch out $25.00
Average weekly dinner out $18.00
Average weekly snacks $25.00
Weekly Total $123.00

Use this table to determine how much you spend each week on food. Remember to consider the cost of any current medications that you may be able to discontinue during or after treatment.

What are Your Weekly Food Expenses?

Enter the dollar value you spend weekly for each item on the list. The total weekly expense will appear at the bottom. Remember this number when you receive your program costs during your free information session with our staff.