Scottsdale Weightloss Center

Andrea Gorman PHD, RD

Andrea Gorman PHD, RD

Dietitian, Nutritionist

Dr. Gorman has been in the health and wellness field for 30 years and has extensive knowledge in weight management, diabetes, family nutrition, and heart disease. As a registered dietitian and health expert, she’s written for periodicals such as Journal of American Dietetic Association, Journal of Clinical Nutrition, and Journal of Health Promotion. Dr. Gorman owns a nutrition and fitness consulting business called Nutrition Beginnings. She shares her knowledge with people of all ages and leads them down the road to a healthier lifestyle.

Classes She Teaches

  • Build the Diet That Works Best For You!
  • Cooking For Success: Lean and Green
  • Successful Planning for Social Eating and Travel
  • The Secret to Keeping it Off: What’s My Plan?