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Steve’s 62 lb Weight Loss Success Story

It’s hard enough staring down the big 60 without the sudden realization your body was breaking down under stress from an excessive lifestyle. In the last few years I had seen my doctor for high blood pressure, suddenly waking from sleep with sweats/rapid breathing, severe/recurrent acid reflux, frequent headaches, and constant stuffed sinuses. Beyond the physical issues was a declining self image caused by 44″ pants that were too tight and having to see what I looked like getting out of the shower. I knew I was in denial as I hadn’t been on the home scale in years.

In August 2008 I was diagnosed with adult onset diabetes and placed on more medicine. I was now taking pills for blood pressure, diabetes, and acid reflux every day. The diabetes really scared me as my father died in his late 70’s from heart failure brought on my complications from adult diabetes. During that fateful visit my doctor said either lose weight or be on pills the rest of your life.and by the way that life will be 10 years or more shorter. Even with that it took a few weeks to call SWLC and make my initial appointment, but I did and it has given me a new life.

Steve's 62 lb Weight Loss Success Story“Here I am 6 months later and I have lost the weight I needed to, and I only take a baby aspirin for daily medicine. My blood pressure and sugar levels have receded to normal ranges. My wife loves that I do not snore anymore, as I sleep through the night with clear sinuses. My acid reflux has not recurred in 4 months. In addition I am walking every day and able to do strenuous activities again. The only disappointment is that my golf game has declined, because I am swinging around a belly that is no longer there.”

Losing weight was a daily challenge, but the structured program with weekly classes really helped. What I really came to appreciate was the non judgmental nature of the program. They help you find the plans, tactics, and motivations that work for you. They also make it very clear keeping the weight off will be by far my biggest challenge, and that I have not heard the last of the habits that caused my weight gain. I hope 5 years from now I can still say I am controlling my weight. The foundation I built at SWLC gives me every chance for that to happen.

*Medical weight loss program results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to our weight loss specialists about the results you can expect.

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