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Twittering to Be Thin


That’s nothing to LOL about. In Scottsdale and Chandler, weight loss is in closer reach with help from your “friends.”

This time of year most people find their Facebook and Twitter feeds filled with football updates and unrehearsed political opinions, and it can be almost enough to make you log off for good. But for the sake of your medical weight loss efforts, you might want to stay online a bit longer.

Sitting at a computer for hours on end is linked with weight gain and increased risk of chronic disease, but thanks to the usability of social media apps you can take Facebook and Twitter on the go, giving you the social support you need right in your pocket at any time of day or night.

Weight loss support? There’s an app for that.

Weight loss support is a huge variable during your medical weight loss program. Chandler and Scottsdale can be stressful places to live and work. Without support from friends, family members and co-workers, you might find yourself overwhelmed and on your way to the drive thru.

Unfortunately, we can all fall astray from our weight loss goals, even with great friends and supportive family members. Your friends can’t always be sitting in the passenger seat coaxing you to make healthy choices for dinner—or can they?

That is the beauty of social media. Rather than dwelling on your long day as you order a large size of fries, imagine yourself pulling over to quickly send out a tweet:

Long day at work; I’m craving some fries… #weightlosssupport

Your friends see your tweet and reply. Strangers follow the hashtag and lend a helping hand:

You’ll only feel worse when you reach the end of the bag. Stay strong! #youcandoit

Twitter interactions like the one above can take place within the blink of an eye. Maybe you log onto Facebook instead and post the same sentence as your status. Within a few minutes of posting of your cry for support, your phone may literally start buzzing with support.

How can I get started?

Social media sites are free to use, so all you need to do is go onto, or for a Google + account and sign up. Once you are signed on you can start connecting with friends, family, co-workers and others across the world that are also trying to lose weight.

Hesitant to announce your weight loss struggles and goals to your friends and family? That’s what we are here for. Check out our Facebook Page or visit our Twitter profile to join in with our online community of medical weight loss support.

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