Top 10 Calorie Free Valentines gifts


Your girlfriend just dropped 10 pounds after her New Year’s resolution. The last thing you want to do is sabotage her success with a big box of chocolates. Here are some calorie free suggestions to make her day, and yours, special.

  1. Flowers-Every girl says “Don’t give me flowers.” GIVE HER FLOWERS!
  2. Bubble bath-this is a gift for both of you!
  3. Massage oil, and then ask her how she likes her massage.
  4. Her favorite perfume.
  5. Balloons make a great impression. Get really big ones!
  6. Lingerie-that’s really a gift for you!
  7. Write her a poem. Girls love poems! If that stresses you out, get her a book of poetry.
  8. Burn her a CD with her fav love songs
  9. Diamonds and pearls and gold, oh my!
  10. Coupons for future use: free massage, take her to a chick flick, or do a chore of her choosing.
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