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The Connection Between Hypertension and Diet


Among the many benefits of losing weight, reducing hypertension is one that many people may not be aware of. One of the worst side effects of hypertension is high blood pressure, which approximately one-third of American adults currently suffer from. This widespread problem is not only alarming because of the increasing number of sufferers, but because high blood pressure leads to the most fatal kind of heart disease. Your Scottsdale weight loss doctor can help you overcome complications with hypertension and high blood pressure by offering crucial dieting advice that can dramatically reduce these complications.

Sodium intake has one of the largest impacts on hypertension and high blood pressure. Unfortunately, salt acts as a preservative, which means that many of the foods we eat come with high sodium content. Your Scottsdale weight loss doctor will most likely advise that your sodium intake doesn’t exceed 200 mg per serving. An entire meal should not exceed 600 mg. To better avoid high sodium intake, try eating fresh foods as often as possible, since these foods don’t use preservatives.

Additionally, weight loss is a great way to reduce hypertension. Your Scottsdale weight loss doctor may recommend an effective dieting aid, such as OPTIFAST, to help you lose the weight. Excessive alcohol intake also tends to have a negative effect on blood pressure. It is recommended that you limit your daily alcohol intake to one drink for women and two drinks for men.

In addition to starting an OPTIFAST weight loss program and limiting you sodium and alcohol intake, individuals who want to control hypertension and high blood pressure should maintain a balanced diet including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy and lean meats. By providing your body with all the nutrients it needs, and limiting foods that raise your blood pressure, you can successfully reduce complications with hypertension and enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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