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Ten Minute Wake Up Routine


Before you reach for your morning cup of coffee, take a few minutes to get your day off to a great energized start. Setting aside just ten minutes of the morning for exercise will change your day for the better and keep you on track towards meeting your weight loss goals. This simple and straightforward exercise series is appropriate for beginners as well as advanced exercisers, and doesn’t require any special equipment. So, as you are trying to lose weight with the help of your weight loss center in Chandler, consider this simple ten minute morning workout routine to supplement your efforts!

  • Start with Stretches: Inhale deeply and lift your arms straight above your head to welcome the morning. Slowly bend from the hips into a forward bend. Hold this stretch as long as you like, moving deeper and deeper into the stretch as you inhale and exhale. From here, walk your hands out into a plank position and prepare to do ten pushups. After you’ve finished the pushups, move into an upward dog by lowering your thighs and legs to the ground and arching your back. As you do this, look toward the ceiling and keep your arms straight. Finish your stretches with downward dog.
  • Let it Flow: After you’ve stayed in downward dog for about 30 seconds, move into warrior pose, which is done in a lunge position with the arms extended to the front and back. From here, go down into triangle pose by grabbing your front ankle and extending your other arm into the sky. Deepen the stretch by straightening your front leg. Move into airplane pose by extending your arms to the sides. Repeat the flow section on the other side.
  • Build Strength with Simple Exercises: You can add strength exercises into this routine by throwing in sets of 10 pushups to break up the stretches. Finish your workout with strengthening exercises for the abdominal muscles. Start by doing 20 crunches, and gradually build this number for more intensity. For an added challenge do 20 jackknives instead of traditional sit-ups. Jackknives are basically crunches that are done with the arms and legs extended, which adds additional stress to your abdominal muscles. Finish your workout by sitting in the crunch position, with your legs extended and lifted just a few inches off the ground. Cross your arms at your chest and lift your chin slightly. Hold this position as long as you can.

Exercise gets your metabolism going and builds muscle. As you do these exercises, pay attention to your breath and focus on form to get the most out of the workout.

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