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Is Junk Food Marketing Causing Obesity?

Posted In: Obesity Medicine By Rob Ziltzer MD. FACP

As it turns out, food ads may play a huge role in obesity. A new German research study demonstrates that looking at pictures of salty or sweet foods (such as Viennese Schnitzel, ice cream or pizza) causes an increase in grehlin, a hunger hormone. Pictures of pianos, bikes or shoes did not have the same effect. This is the first time pictures of junk food pictures have been shown to cause immediate adversity. So we should take notice! [Read more]

Keeping weight off should really be your initial and your ongoing goal in a weight loss program. Current belief is that keeping off at least 5-10% of your initial weight is the goal of treatment. Many people in weight loss are able to keep off even more. It seems many of them have many things that they do that seem to help. Below I have summarized 2 of the studies that are actively looking at weight loss maintenance.

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Even though medical weight loss surgery is a viable option for the overweight and obese there are other options that should not be discounted. Recent research presented to the Obesity Society reminds people struggling with weight that calorie restriction and physical activity can, in many cases, work.
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Craig Primack, M.D. and Robert Ziltzer, M.D. presented their research at The Obesity Society meeting in San Diego, CA on October 9-12, 2010. They showed a retrospective study of adult participants at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center, from 2006 to 2008 with BMI > 30. The patients were under full or partial meal replacement, sometimes using weight loss medications for qualified patients. Average weight loss was 22.5 lbs at 2 months, 36.3 lbs at 6 months and 37.5 lbs at 9 months. Average weight loss at 1 year was 32.7 lbs.

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