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Turn on the television, and you’re sure to see commercials promoting weight-loss plans and programs which promise to make you skinny, attractive, and glowing with health in just weeks if you follow their instructions and eat their special (and especially expensive) foods. Walk into a bookstore, and you’re sure to find shelves full of books promoting “scientifically proven” diets based on anything from wholefoods plant-based meals to no-carbohydrate diets packed with meats, eggs, and cheeses. Even your favorite social media platforms are not immune: how often do you see blog posts, links, and advertisements promoting a particular product or plan that purports to solve all your weight-loss woes? [Read more]

As much as you might wish it to be otherwise, maintaining an ideal weight is a constant, vigilant effort for many people. Temptations abound and society generally provides a more than ample supply of both good and not-so-good options to tempt your palate. You may think your gym membership, positive mental attitude and meal tracking efforts are enough to manage your weight in a manner that works for you. [Read more]