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Staying Motivated: The Key to Weight Loss Success


What is the difference between a weight loss attempt and weight loss success? The answer is motivation. Those who are able to keep their motivation levels up throughout the entire length of their planned weight loss program are the ones who find ways to thrive and succeed, despite any fatigue or set-backs.

But how can you keep your motivation levels high, even when you are feeling kind of low? The answer is to think ahead and anticipate when you are ready for a change. Here are a few helpful strategies that can help you stay motivated and on top of your weight loss goals:

Plan ahead.

Make a goal at the beginning of each week, and then plan out how you are going to achieve that goal. Go a step further than saying you’ll “go to the gym” or “eat healthier.” Plan out what you are going to do at the gym and for how long. Decide what meals you’ll have all week. Take the choice out of the moment to help yourself stay on track even in moments of fatigue or frustration.

Find ways to make your healthy lifestyle as fun as possible.

You don’t need to spend an hour on the treadmill to lose weight. There are other ways to push yourself to succeed. This might mean joining a running club or trying a new fitness class. It also might mean trying out new recipes for fixing your OPTIFAST shakes. Try making your healthy routine into something you can look forward to day after day.

Put yourself on a schedule that you can keep to regularly.

Going all-in too fast isn’t wise, but leaving all of your plans in your head and never acting on them won’t work either. The trick is to put together a schedule that is both realistic and challenging. Waiting to go to the gym when you have free time or feel like it will leave you without a workout more days than not. The same goes for those healthy meals you plan to cook for your family. If you don’t set aside the time, then those veggies are going to go bad in the fridge. When you plan out what you are going to do for the week, keep it to a regular schedule that you can adjust to. Participating in a weekly class or setting up other milestones that will push you through the week can really help in maintaining regularity in your healthy lifestyle changes.

Never stop trying new things.

At the start of your weight loss program everything might feel new and exciting. This is going to keep your meals and exercise sessions feeling fresh. But as the excitement wears off, you may find your motivation level dwindling. As you reach new milestones and gain strength, try adding new activities into your exercise routine. Once you realize you can run a mile and the novelty of running wears off, sign yourself up for a Zumba or kick boxing class. Keeping it new and exciting is a great way to naturally spike your motivation levels before your workouts grow too dull.

Remember that throughout your medical weight loss program you are never actually on your own. If you are in need of a bit of extra support or motivation, check in with your weight loss doctor. Having a support network at your fingertips is the best way to overcome obstacles and stay on track.

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