Spicy Foods for Weight Loss?


If you’ve spent an afternoon looking online for weight loss advice, then chances are you’ve come across some downright strange ideas that people have about what can help you finally reach your weight loss goal. Some ideas are downright unhealthy, but others seem to hold just enough merit to make you think they might work. Before you fall for another weight loss trick, remember: the most effective means of losing weight is through a medical weight loss program.

Medical weight loss programs make weight loss more achievable by helping you along the way with ongoing guidance and support from your medical weight loss doctor. Proven strategies like meal replacement diets and FDA-approved weight loss medications can provide you with the step-up that you need to see real changes in your health. These medical weight loss tools are going to help you lose a lot more weight than you would adding a few spicy foods to your diet. That being said, spicy foods are not the worst addition to a healthy weight loss diet—so long as you enjoy the taste of spicy foods and aren’t struggling with indigestion as a result.

The Benefits of Spicy Foods for Weight Loss

There are all sorts of spicy foods out there, and some are healthier than others. Foods that are loaded with sugar or that are deep-fried are not ideal for any form of weight loss diet. But when it comes to spicy foods, it’s more common for the foods to be drenched in vegetable marinades and spicy rubs than with flour or oil. As a result, it is true that eating more spicy foods may actually help your weight loss diet—if only for the reason that spicy foods are more in-line with the weight loss diet guidelines your doctor has already spelled out for you.

Here are a few ways that you can make healthy changes to your diet by adding spicy foods:

  • Replace cheesy dips with vegetable-heavy salsa
  • Skip the flouring on your meat and try a spice-rub instead
  • Add a little bit of low-calorie hot sauce to your plate and slow down how quickly you take bites
  • Cool off your tongue in-between bites with a glass of ice water

Strategies like this encourage you to skip out on fried and fattening foods, not to mention slow down how fast you eat by taking more time in between bites. Doing this can encourage you to eat less, which is great for weight loss.

If you are looking for weight loss advice, stick to what your weight loss doctor has to say. And before making any changes to your weight loss diet, such as adding spicier foods, talk to your doctor.

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