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Skincare: Do You Look Older Than You Are?


Even though you’re no longer a teenager, you’ve still got plenty of life left in you. Why, then, does your skin bear the guise of someone far older than you? You wear moisturizer, keep your face clean, and use various beauty treatments, so what gives? Despite your effort, your outer shell doesn’t radiate health and youth. Your salad days may be gone, but you can still halt unnecessary signs of aging. First, though, you need to understand what causes your skin to age fast and how to improve your skincare routine.

Stay out of the sun. What’s the number one cause of wrinkles? It’s not genetics, repetitive frowning, or lack of sleep–although these contribute to the state of your complexion–it’s exposure to the sun. Sunlight’s responsible for about 70% of the effects of aging on your skin. If you had stayed out of the sun folks would imagine you were supping from the fountain of youth when you were collecting your pension. Nonetheless, you can’t turn back the clock, and often, you probably forgot to wear a straw-hat and sunblock. To prevent further premature skin aging, remember to use a high factor skin protection from now on and cover-up.

Stress Prevention. You might not think of relaxation as a skin support treatment, but stress can shorten the lifespan of your cells, making you look older sooner. To protect your DNA, and stay youthful, take steps to reduce anxiety. Tend to your emotional well-being. Walk in the country, listen to gentle or upbeat music, dance, laugh, exercise, get plenty of sleep, and do anything else you enjoy to increase feel-good hormones. If you can’t get away from stress, carry out acts of self-care. Develop a beauty routine based on calming your mind and body.

Eat a healthy diet. Your diet can make you look and feel over the hill. Science suggests excess carbohydrates are bad for skin, so avoid large servings of white rice, bread, and pasta. While processed foods and sugar-laden snacks cause inflammation and lessen skin health, tomatoes, bitter fruits and vegetables, and oily fish cut the oxidative stress that puts mileage on your face.

Stop smoking. If you smoke, the fine lines at the sides of your eyes aren’t necessarily caused by having a good time. So-called laughter lines appear prematurely in smokers. In fact, wrinkles by your eyes and above your top lip can arrive up to 15 years before they do in non-smokers. The answer, of course, is to quit.

If your skin looks worse for wear, even though you’re in your prime, take steps to prevent further needless decline. Protect yourself from stress and the sun and eat a healthy diet. If you’re a smoker and don’t know how to stop, get help from your doctor. Consider consulting with a skin care expert at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center to reverse the damage already done as you move forward with a new skincare plan

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