Chemical Peels

Renew skin on hands, neck, and face and reveal smoother, less wrinkled skin with our LivNu chemical peel.

Why Try Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are useful in treating wrinkles and lines caused by aging, sun damage, and a variety of skin imperfections such as acne, scars, and skin tone variations.

How Chemical Peels Work

Chemical peels cause skin exfoliation or the removal of dead skin cells to reveal the new cells beneath.

The results gained from chemical peels depends on the chemicals used and the depth of penetration into the skin surface.

Superficial peels remove the outermost layers and improve rough skin and mild discoloration.

Medium peels penetrate the middle layers of the skin and improve blemishes such as age spots, fine wrinkles, and lines, moderate skin discoloration and freckles.

What to Expect After Your Chemical Peel

Immediately after your chemical peel, you can expect some redness or discoloration. The recovery time varies depending on the depth of the penetration. Superficial peels take about a week to heal, and you may experience light scaling. You will be provided with creams to assist healing, and you can apply makeup within one or two days.

You can expect a medium peel to take two weeks to heal. For the first few days, your skin will appear red and slightly swollen. You can expect peeling and crusting on the skin surface following a chemical peel. You will be provided with specific skin care instructions to include soaking and cream application. You may be prescribed antiviral medications for 10 to 14 days.

Regardless of the peel you receive, you should avoid exposure to the sun during healing and follow your doctor’s skin care instructions carefully to obtain the best possible results.