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Single Serving Dilemma


Nearly 75 percent of the American adult population says that they’re trying to eat healthier when dining out, and about 30 percent say they’ve used the Internet to look up the nutritional statistics of the restaurants they frequent. With so much public interest in eating healthier on the go, you would think that following your medical weight loss diet while eating out would be easy. Well, think again.

While plenty of people are trying to eat healthier, oversized restaurant portions are more prevalent than ever. In an effort to keep everyone coming back for more, restaurants still serve up oversized portions that can leave your weight loss goals in the dust.

Curious as to what is really on the menu? Check out these oversized portions that restaurants are serving up nationwide:

  • The Calzone that Launched 1,000 Calories: Though Pizza Hut’s takeout menu is clear concerning their pasta dish portions, which are meant for two, they offered consumers no portion information when it came to the now defunct P’Zone. This calzone-like dish packed nearly 1000 calories and is meant to serve two people, not one. How’s that for calorie overload?
  • The Single Burger Made for Two: If you’ve ever sat down at UNO Chicago Grill and ordered the single burger thinking it’s properly portioned for one, guess again. According to this restaurant’s online nutritional information, “single” burgers, main course salads and several additional entrees are actually meant for two people. Even their “individual” deep dish pizza can be anywhere from a whopping 1,500 to 2,310 calories making this small pie enough to serve three people.
  • Pizza for More than One: Papa John’s offers customers the Pizza for One weekday special, but you may want to think twice, maybe even four times, before eating this individual pie. This pizza intended for one packs approximately 720 calories per pie, which adds up to four properly sized servings.
  • Pasta Bowl with Twice the Servings: The pasta in a bread-bowl meal from Dominos is actually a two-serving meal. Dominos provides the calorie count for this dish online, but have yet to place counts on their in-restaurant menus.

Unhealthy items such as pizzas and burgers should always be avoided when you’re trying to lose weight but it helps to know what’s really going on inside those restaurants. Always check the online nutrition information and serving sizes before you dine out as it’s not often provided in the restaurant. Knowing what food items can cost your health beforehand can help you make healthier decisions to safeguard your weight loss efforts.

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