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Have you ever said “I can lose weight – I just can’t keep it off?” How many times have you said it? What we tell ourselves often comes true. I have been a believer for a long time of a concept in our clinic we usually refer to as self talk, mantras or self affirmations.

We may not always believe the things we tell our inner self. Yet, I believe our inner self begins to believe whatever we tell it. The messages we tell our inner self may be positive or negative. They may be things we have been saying since childhood. They may be things that we just started telling ourselves.

Changing or programming our positive self talk is quite easy. Decide what you want to say to yourself. Keep it short, positive and achievable. Repeat the saying 3 times out loud but to yourself in 3 groups. Total is about 9 times per day. Say it out loud in the car, bathroom, shower, while exercising, or any other time you feel it will help you.

Here are a few examples:

  1. I like myself!
  2. I can lose weight and keep it off!
  3. I will be nice to myself today!
  4. I enjoy exercise!
  5. Before eating, I will drink water.
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