Keri K: 55 lbs Weight Loss

keri k 55 lbs weight loss

My weight loss adventure started over a year ago. I had just turned 42 years old and my weight had gotten out of control. Even when I was pregnant with three kids I had weighed less. I worked out three to five times a week, but my eating habits were horrible. I had a very good friend who had lost over seventy pounds from Scottsdale Weight Loss Center, and she had kept it off for over three years. I finally got the courage to make my first appointment and mentally made a decision to change the way I felt and looked. I have lost over fifty pounds and I am enjoying life to the fullest.

My children have noticed a huge difference in me, not only my weight, but also my activity level is much higher. The program was perfect for me. It taught me how to eat the correct portions, and got me back on track to eating healthier.


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