Jo: 45 lbs. Weight Loss

Jo: 45 lb Weight Loss

Jo has lost an incredible 45 lbs and is successfully reaching all her weight loss goals.

OMG! Oh My Gut! Finally I realized it was my turn, I needed to lose weight and do it to last. I came back from my visit to VA after enjoying Georgia peaches, peach pie, sweet tomatoes on bologna sandwiches and lots of potato chips. I was in heaven! I had to stop the ridiculousness, feel good, out of control, mindless eating. I had blamed it on everything I could and now I needed to accept responsibility and give myself permission to take the time, effort, and energy to lose weight and appreciate the journey. Sheila helped me realized I was worth it and to commit for myself. I started the slow climb to my weekly success. It has been positive throughout with constant monitoring and support. I pay now or I pay later and the results won’t be the same. The results now have been a sheer delight. I can’t stop it’s a journey that I map each week and know that detours might happen along the way. SWLC has been my GPS. Thank You! PS: I love the designated walk that the clinic has mapped outside. I walk it every time I come to a class or scheduled appointment. What’s your excuse? Just do it!


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