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Donna C Weight Loss Success

I was skeptical of Scottsdale Weight Loss Center when a friend recommended them to me. I thought I knew everything there was to know about dieting and weight loss. Diets didn’t work for me – they only left me hungry and frustrated. Even though my friend was experiencing success with the program, after my many years of yo-yo dieting, I was scared to hope again – hope that maybe this time I could do it.

I am so thankful that I took the leap of faith to give it a try. I am eternally grateful to my friend, to Dr. Primack and to the entire team at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center for helping me to get back the body I was meant to live in.

I learned to work with my body instead of fighting it. By focusing on simple things, like more vegetables than fruit, balancing proteins with good carbs, five small meals a day, learning to listen to my hunger and satiety cues, and simply moving more, I found the balance where my body started working as it should, and the weight came off naturally. Instead of a painful process, it was an exciting process.

The interdisciplinary aspect of the program keeps things from getting boring. It is a process – both physical and mental. As I started thinking differently about food, my body responded. And as my body responded, I started thinking differently. All parts are involved in the whole, and when all became in sync for me – a miracle happened.  My body found its healthy weight!

Losing weight doesn’t solve all of life’s problems. But I am so much better equipped to handle life’s problems with the confidence I have gained in myself. Hope is a real thing and I choose to have both hope and healthy weight as parts of my life forever. Thank you Scottsdale Weight Loss!