Darryl P.: Weight Loss Success

Darryl - Weight Loss Success

“The classes have been invaluable: a ton of information and wisdom imparted by professionals who understand and care about people.”

I was a chunky kid, and even as I leaned out in high school, I saw myself as that overweight boy. So when I started to pack on the pounds as an adult, I didn’t think much of it. That was just who I was. As health problems such as sleep apnea and high blood pressure developed, I knew I needed to change, but I didn’t think I could do it. Then my wife found Scottsdale Weight Loss Center. Under Dr. Primack’s care, she was able to lose weight, and she looked fantastic. But that was for her; I didn’t think it would work for me. I was a big eater, and the thought of replacing food with the Optifast shakes seemed ridiculous. The turning point came after I found myself short of breath when tying my shoes. I was ready.

After meeting with Dr. Primack, I was all in: full meal replacement. Any doubts that I had going in were soon erased as the weight began to come off. I looked forward to the weekly weight-ins to monitor my progress. Within a few weeks, I was off the blood pressure medication. As my weight decreased, my activity level increased. As work, I made it a point to step away from my desk and walk around the building. I started using the stairs rather than the elevator. I was taking longer walks with my dog. And I even had the opportunity to go hiking at Yosemite, something that would have been impossible just months before.

It’s nice to get compliments from friends about how I look, but none can compare to the unsolicited comment from someone in the building who has no idea I’m on a weight loss plan. A random “are you losing weight?” lets me know that the results are noticeable. And not being recognized as the same person is a nice compliment as well.

And, of course, I’ve had to replace my wardrobe. In the early stages, pants were the priority. I needed new pants every other week, but I was able to put off buying new shirts…until Charlene Connor jokingly let me know at one of my weigh-ins that is was time to let go of one of my favorites. I’m down to the size I wore in college, and maybe even high school (but I can’t remember back that far).

This has truly been a life changing process, and I couldn’t have been successful without the help of everyone at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center. The staff is so positive and so supportive. Every time I come in, my spirit gets a boost. And the classes have been invaluable: a ton of information and wisdom imparted by professionals who understand and care about people. As I move into the next phase of the process, I’ll be relying on the knowledge I’ve gained.

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