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Out of Time? Exercise at Work!


Making time for activity isn’t always easy to do. This is especially true for people with multiple responsibilities, such as a full-time job and a family to take care of once you get home. Sure, the weekends come with a lot of potential, but once you breakdown your to-do list and have a look at the number of hours available to you to get it all done, they start to break down as well.

But you spend a lot of time at work, and while you do your best to make all of that time as productive as possible so that you earn the proper reward, there are moments where you could fit in a little something extra—something that would benefit you personally in the midst of your professional workday.

It may not be possible to take a 30 minute jog in the middle of your workday—the practicality of changing into your workout clothes only to change back into your work clothes without being a sweaty mess makes that idea difficult on its own—but you could take on a few smaller workouts during the day, without even changing out of your work shoes.

Improve your daily exercise goals by trying in-office strategies like:

  • Taking short walking breaks across the office to boost your step count
  • Take five-minute stretching breaks after a solid hour of desk work
  • Keep light hand weights at your desk for short bursts of arm exercise in between meetings
  • Make a goal of doing five push-ups after getting through your inbox full of emails

It might not be the same as going to the gym for an hour, but making small adjustments like these throughout the day actually provide a huge benefit. For one thing, every action counts. Every step, every stretch, every weight lifted and every push-up counts. So accumulating activity through a combination of these workout methods can mean that you leave work every day with a solid 30 minutes of activity under your belt. What’s more, taking the initiative to engage in healthy behaviors like this throughout the day puts your healthy lifestyle at the top of your list of things to-do. This helps adjust your mindset to one that is much more focused on health and wellness than it might have been previously, and definitely one that will help you avoid those office doughnuts.

So if you are having trouble finding time to exercise at home, then see what you can accomplish at the office. Putting your exercise goals first in this way is sure to help you reach your weight loss goals.

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