OpenFit Interviews Dr. Ziltzer

“Does Crying Burn Calories” was published April 12, 2021 on OpenFit. A big thank you to Kate Bayless for this interview opportunity!

Read on for your Weight Loss Tips from Dr. Ziltzer himself.

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How Many Calories Does Crying Burn?

There are very few studies on the calorie burn of crying, but there is a study on laughing that can offer some insight.

According to the study, laughing increased the metabolism by 0.79 kilojoules per minute — or just under 0.2 calories per minute, explains Robert Ziltzer, MD, FACP, FAAP, an obesity medicine-certified physician and founder of the Scottsdale Weight Loss Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.

That means that a five-minute laugh session would burn one additional calorie. This is speculated to be similar to the calorie burn of crying.

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