New Weight Loss Drug, Belviq, Offers New Hope for People With Obesity

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The second new weight loss drug in 13 years has just been made available for treatment of obesity. Lorcaserin, which is marketed under the name Belviq,® has been cleared for sale by the FDA last year, and the DEA today. It promises to change the landscape of obesity treatment.

Scottsdale Weight Loss Center (SWLC) founders, Drs. Robert Ziltzer MD and Craig Primack MD, both specialists in obesity treatment, have been anxiously awaiting the availability of this new medication. According to Dr. Ziltzer, “Serotonin is an important factor in hunger. Belviq raises the levels of serotonin in certain areas of the brain that control hunger.” Dr. Primack adds, “This is the second new drug to hit the market in over a decade. Obesity is a serious medical disease that warrants serious medical treatment.”

The doctors are concerned that the public considers obesity a lack of willpower. Fueled by shows such as Biggest Loser, there is a perception that if you just want to lose weight badly enough, you’ll be successful. People can lose 15- 20 pounds or less on their own, but losing 20 pounds or more and keeping it off is most successful through the use of specialized diets, appetite suppressants, and a lot of support, according to SWLC physicians.

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Scottsdale Weight Loss Center (SWLC) is a medical weight management center providing comprehensive weight loss programs to the residents of the Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Tempe, Phoenix, Gilbert and the rest of central Arizona. Founded by Robert Ziltzer, M.D and Craig Primack, M.D., SWLC provides direct physician-supervised weight loss programs which include custom diets, meal replacements, strong support and education to promote lifelong solutions for managing your weight. Since 2006, SWLC has helped clients lose nearly 105,000 pounds.


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  • John Scott says:

    I have used BELVIQ 10 mg, twice daily and have lost 9 pounds in 12 days. I have no side effects to report – simply do not feel particularly hungry. FDA stated one should stop after 12 weeks if 5% weight loss does not occur. I achieved 5.34% in a 12 day period. Will stay on BELVIQ until next 25 – 30 pounds are lost.

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