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Every parent wants their children to be healthy and have an optimally functioning body. Few aspects of a child’s life will have a more profound effect on their well-being than their diet. Unfortunately, there are numerous vital nutrients that many children fail to consume in adequate amounts.

One nutrient that is incredibly essential for children as well as those who are seeking weight loss in Chandler is calcium. Calcium is necessary to retain normal heartbeat, allow the muscles to function, form blood clots, and maximize bone growth. Unfortunately, adolescents in today’s society are notorious for being deficient in calcium. This is particularly problematic when considering that half of one’s bone mass is formed during the adolescent period. Dairy is the most prominent dietary source of calcium, and many children turn away from drinking milk—often making this important nutrient very hard to deliver.

In addition to calcium, another important nutrient for children is protein. Protein is the only macronutrient that contains nitrogen, and is essential in order to build body tissue. In general, animal products such as meat, dairy, and eggs are the best sources of protein, as they contain sufficient quantities of all of the essential amino acids. Some plant foods, however, such as soy and quinoa, also contain all of the necessary amino acids.

Along with protein, fiber is another vital nutrient that can benefit children as well as adults who are seeking weight loss in Chandler. Unfortunately, as with calcium, very few children consume ample amounts of fiber. In order to consume more fiber, the best dietary source is undoubtedly fruits and vegetables.

Not only are fruits and vegetables high in fiber, but they also possess high doses of antioxidants, another important nutrient for people of all ages. Antioxidants can provide immediate benefits by improving the immune system and thwarting illness. Additionally, antioxidants are also known to slow down the signs of aging.

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