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How often do you exercise? For many people in the Scottsdale area, exercise isn’t much of a priority. While you may wake up with the intention to walk later in the day, as things come up keeping to those plans gets harder and harder.

To manage weight loss long-term, exercise needs to become a regular aspect of your life.

How Much Exercise is Enough?

The American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association published new guidelines for exercise. They recommend 150 minutes (2 1/2 hrs) per week of moderate physical activity, or 60 minutes per week of vigorous physical activity.

Both of these associations, along with other members of the medical community also promote the 10,000 step initiative, which is an effort to encourage every adult and child to take at least 10,000 steps every day.

These guidelines come as a response to the many benefits of exercise, including reduction in diabetes and heart disease, and weight control. These results are supported by the National Weight Control Registry, which links high levels of activity with maintaining previously lost weight, most of whom reported walking as their main activity.

Here are a few simple facts to help you get the right idea about exercise:

  • It doesn’t matter if you exercise in small bits, or all at once.
  • It doesn’t matter what time of day you exercise.
  • Dancing, active video games, yard work, and playing tag with your kids are just as effective as going to a gym. Most active people never step foot in a gym.
  • The only “bad exercise” is the one you don’t do.
  • Exercise can help you manage weight loss long-term.

Do what you can to introduce regular activity into your lifestyle. Once your weight loss doctor confirms that your body is up for the challenge, start a simple walking routine or sign up for classes with a personal trainer so you can learn your way around the gym. In time, you’ll know the ropes and feel more confidant in your strength and physical abilities.

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