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Managing Time with Medical Weight Loss


Ready or not, changes are coming during your medical weight loss program. Changes to your diet, exercise habits and other behaviors will enhance your ability to lose weight in Chandler and Scottsdale, but to really let these changes sink in and make the impact they should you are going to need to adjust other aspects of your life—starting with your schedule.

Everyone on Earth is given the same amount of time in a day, even though it may not seem that way. The way that you are using your time may be impacting your health and wellness more than you are aware. Staying up late to watch television leads to groggy mornings that hold little possibility of an early workout. Similarly, getting lost in the minutiae of tasks at work and leaving the office half an hour later than usual can mean heavier traffic on your way home and no time for your evening trip to the gym.

As you incorporate more healthy tasks into your lifestyle you will quickly realize the necessity of managing your time wisely. Good time management skills can help you find more time in your busy day for exercise, healthy cooking and other habits that help you stay on track with your medical weight loss efforts.

Here are a few helpful tips to start managing your time better as you lose weight:

  • Make a plan: As you start your day write down everything you have in front of you. This includes your work tasks as well as your workout goals, dietary considerations, chores and errands.
  • Assign time limits: Some tasks should only take a few minutes while others will take all day. Plan ahead and know what needs to be done by when to make sure you are allotting the correct amount of time to each task.
  • Say no when necessary: One of the most important aspects of managing your time is knowing when you need to preserve it. Learn to tell your friends no when you really can’t manage a get-together, or tell your coworker you don’t have time to complete a task and to assign it to someone else.
  • Prioritize: Some tasks are more important than others, and when something has to give it is better to let go of smaller tasks than bigger ones. When you create your schedule note what needs to get done and make it a priority. Things you want to get done should come next, followed by items that can be attended to at a later date.

Managing your time is essential as you lose weight with medical weight loss. Remember to make your workout plans and new dietary habits a priority in your schedule as you manage your day.

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