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Making it Work with Weight Loss Medications


The majority of people who take part in a medical weight loss program have tried to lose weight in the past, usually without success. For the average person, this includes past experience with a combination of weight loss methods, some planned and well-organized, others not so much. Medical weight loss programs use similar diet methods you’ve likely tried, but with a few extra tools that make all the difference. One of these tools is weight loss medications.

Weight Loss Medications vs. Supplements

Weight Loss Supplements or Vitamins

Supplements and vitamins marketed for weight loss are readily available over the counter but are not FDA approved. They hold no proof of actually supporting weight loss other than the anecdotal evidence plastered on the box or the latest blog post by a celebrity endorser.

Weight Loss Medications

Weight-loss medications, also called anti-obesity medications, are FDA approved weight loss pills. They are developed and proven to help people lose weight with a combination of appetite control and metabolism support.

One of the recent weight loss medications to be approved by the FDA is Qsymia. Some were thrilled to see a new successful tool that could help people with trouble losing weight, but others weren’t so convinced. It’s been several years since Qsymia was publicly launched, and it’s become a mainstay along with several other weight loss medications like Contrave, Saxenda, Plenity, Semaglutide and phentermine.

Look for FDA-approved Medications

So what do you need to know about weight loss medications?

In the end, the only weight loss medications that are worth the time of day are those that are approved by the FDA. These medications are only accessible via prescription from your medical weight loss provider. To make the most out of a weight loss medication, you need to combine it with a comprehensive medical weight loss program that takes into account nutrition, activity, accountability, and maintenance. Talk to your weight loss doctor or medical weight loss professional for more information about how weight loss medications can become the key tool to help you lose weight.

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