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Make Lunchtime Work for Weight Loss


Lunch is by far the most overlooked meal of the day. Breakfast seems to get all the talk about setting us up for a healthy day, and when it comes to talking about cooking healthy meals dinner is the first thing on our minds. But what about lunchtime?

Lunch is the middle meal. It is what gives you energy to make it through your long workday and stops you from snacking endlessly throughout the day. A healthy lunch can supply you with all the nutrients you need to stay satiated without undoing your medical weight loss goals. Unfortunately, this is not the type of lunch that you are going to find in a drive-thru window. To make the most of your medical weight loss program in Chandler or Scottsdale, you need to start planning lunches ahead of time and bringing meals to work that comply with your weight loss diet.

Eating Healthy At Work

Much like how you’ve incorporated weight loss into other aspects of your life, being healthy at the workplace requires a combination of dietary and behavioral changes. While you are following your OPTIFAST meal plan, making the dietary changes at work might not be too difficult. The pre-portioned and pre-packaged shakes and meal bars are simple to grab on the go and provide you with all of the energy you need to continue working through the day.

Even as you transition off of your OPTIFAST meal replacement products, do your best to hold onto the habits that you develop during your weight loss program. Positive habits like eating smaller portions, avoiding temptations like the doughnuts in the break room and taking activity breaks at work are all good behaviors that will encourage your weight loss efforts. Try teaming up with co-workers who have similar health and wellness goals and do you best to band together to eat healthy and provide each other with accountability at the workplace.

How are you handling your medical weight loss goals at the office? Share your tips and experiences in a comment below.

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