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Summer is almost here and you may already have your bags packed and at the door waiting to depart on that well-overdue vacation. Summer travel plans are filled with fun and adventure but don’t let all of the excitement thwart your efforts to lose weight. By packing your bags right, you can keep up with your weight loss and fitness goals even while on vacation.

Only thirty percent of travelers take the time to work out when they have access to an on-site hotel gym. Keeping up with exercise while on vacation will keep you from derailing your healthy lifestyle habits—plus, vacationing in new places presents you with the opportunity to try to new workouts that mix up your exercise routine.

Here are a few ways to sneak in exercise to help you maintain weight loss while you travel:

Lose weight without leaving your hotel or even visiting the gym.

Vacation spots and hotels are going to differ depending on your destination. Some areas may not provide gym access or be suitable for outside activities, so you will need to have a backup plan for staying on track with your weight loss program. The good news is that you can maintain your fitness motivation without ever leaving your hotel room (for the most part). Find a space inside your room and do small exercises such as crunches, lunges or squats. You don’t need equipment or a large amount of space to do these moves. Here are some other ideas for sneaking in some indoor exercise:

  • Bring exercise accessories. You don’t need to drag your hand weights with you but you can bring small workout equipment such as a jump rope or resistance bands. These accessories are light-weight and will easily fit inside your suitcase.
  • Complimentary exercise “equipment”. Your hotel may not put an entire weight rack inside your room but they may leave some other complimentary items you can improvise with. If you don’t have access to a gym to lift weights, just use water bottles instead. Water bottles are a great resource to do some light lifting and tone your arm muscles.
  • Walk the halls or take the stairs. Hotel hallways are perfect for walking when you can’t get outside or find a treadmill. If you don’t feel like lurking the halls, head to a nearby stairwell to really get your heart pumping, but don’t overdo it— plan to walk a few flights at a time.

Take advantage of on-site hotel gyms or fitness centers.

If you are lucky enough to end up at a hotel with on-site access to a gym, make sure you use this amenity to your advantage. Some fitness centers may be more decked out than others, but most will at least have a stationary bike or treadmill so you can get in a quick cardio workout. If you’d rather not hit the gym, head to the pool. Pools are great for swimming laps and the resistance of water makes for an excellent workout. If your hotel doesn’t have any amenities to keep you moving on your vacation, remember to plan ahead of time for your next trip and book a hotel with on-site gym access.

Vacations are a time for fun, relaxation and excitement but remember to make at least a little time to put in some daily exercise. Keeping up with your workout routine will help keep you from breaking motivation for when you return home. If your hotel isn’t equipped with the tools you need to lose weight, sight-seeing on your own two feet is always a great way to get your blood flowing and you won’t have to sacrifice any additional vacation time.

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