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It is easy to make healthy eating goals when you are sitting with a full stomach. However, hunger seems to have its way of dismantling those goals. This is why eating healthily can’t be left to meal time alone. To really make healthy changes to your diet, the type that you are encouraged to make when you start a medical weight loss program, you have to start putting thought into your dietary goals well before hunger strikes.

Your medical weight loss doctor will help you develop healthy strategies that can guide you into making better food choices. This includes developing habits like:

  • Planning your meals ahead of time
  • Keeping a food journal
  • Limiting your food shopping trips to once a week
  • Having an accountability partner who will encourage you to stay on track
  • Focusing on eating healthier foods, rather than just eliminating unhealthy items

Of course, just knowing what to do doesn’t always help change your mindset from being pro-snacks to pro-health. The bottom line is that the more you invest in learning about nutritional strategies and healthy food options, the more likely you are to want to stick to your dietary changes. This means that eating a healthy diet is just as much mental as it is physical.

One way that you can improve your mental investment into nutrition and your healthy diet is to start listening to nutrition podcasts. Podcasts are internet radio shows that are taped in regular intervals, often weekly but in some cases daily, and are then available free for download online. Most smartphones, including iPhone and Android providers, have apps that are designed to help you find, manage and listen to podcasts whenever you want.

Listening to nutrition podcasts can help you learn new recipes, understand the basics of nutrition in a more scientific way, and get regular support by listening to others who have likeminded commitments to eating healthily.

There are a lot of nutrition podcasts out there, but to get started you should consider trying one of the more popular ones. This includes Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty Tips, which is about 10 minutes long and published only 3 times a month and focuses on answering common questions in diet and nutrition. Another popular podcast option is Breaking Down Nutrition, which is a quick session podcast (5 minutes or less) which focuses on delving into common issues in nutrition, from fad diets to food prep.

Other great nutrition podcasts worth checking out include Sound Bites, Real Food Radio and Love, Food.

Spending more time thinking about eating healthily will help you stay focused during times of hunger and fatigue. And of course, for more support with staying on track with your nutrition goals you can always reach out to your medical weight loss doctor.

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