Blogging for Weight Loss

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Maintaining a weight loss journal is consistently touted as one of the most effective strategies for keeping yourself accountable during weight loss and maintenance. A journal can be anything, from an app on your phone that reminds you to record what you’ve eaten and how often you’ve worked out, to a handy little notebook that you keep in your bag at all times. For some, however, the idea of writing in a journal for private reflection doesn’t sound all that fun to many people.

Blogging is an alternative to keeping a journal that some find more acceptable than the idea of a private journal. A personal weight loss blog provides you with a platform to reflect on your weight loss progress in a way that invites additional accountability and support.

How to Start a Weight Loss Blog

Blogs are free to start with many basic blogging platforms, such as WordPress or Weebly. Using the start-up tools, you can create a blog with a unique domain name and a design template and color scheme that is reflective of your personality. Once up and running, start writing about your personal weight loss process.

You can blog about things like:

  • Healthy recipes that you recommend others try
  • Your workout experiences
  • Motivational thoughts about losing weight
  • Milestones in your weight loss process and what they mean to you

The biggest difference between a blog and a journal is that a blog is designed for other people to read. However, many find this additional layer of accountability helpful in encouraging them to keep up with their journaling practices. A blog is the perfect platform for you to put your thoughts, experiences, photos and videos, and to share your ideas and progress both with friends and family, as well as with others who are trying to lose weight, too.

A blog can go a lot farther than a journal because of the way that it is designed to be shared. When you have a revelation, a happy moment, a motivational idea or a set-back that you learned from, reflecting on it in writing is a great way to help secure the memory and allow the thought to set-in and make more of an impact. Blogging that idea can help you reach out to others, as well. This could result in more support for you from loved ones, or it could even mean making a difference in someone else’s weight loss efforts—someone who really needed the support, themselves.

If the idea of keeping a standard weight loss journal just doesn’t sound overly exciting, then consider the benefits of keeping a blog. You can get started easily, and before you know it you might have an online weight loss community working together with you to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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