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Lap Swimming Provides a Structured Method for Fitness Improvement


Many people would like to become stronger or faster swimmers but never seem to put forth the necessary effort. If this describes you, consider joining a lap swimming class or create your own program.

A Routine for Swimming Laps

Lap swimming typically focuses on the crawl, but you may find classes available that have course sections in which students perform the butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke, and also have the opportunity to swim freestyle.

Depending on the course, the instructor may include certain types of drills and intervals with a combination of high-intensity and low-intensity activities.

Advantages of Enrolling in a Class

Meeting People With Similar Interests

As with most types of continuing education and fitness classes, you have the chance to meet new people of a variety of ages and backgrounds. There may be teenagers along with senior citizens. Although you all may be quite different, you have one particular thing in common: an interest in swimming and improving your fitness and swimming results.

Progressing at a Regular Pace

It may be easier to progress incrementally when you attend a class on a regular basis. You’re gradually forced to go beyond your comfort level and can make significant measurable progress.

Generating Motivation

One especially beneficial reason for joining a structured class is it tends to provide more motivation than a regimented routine of completing laps on your own. You’ve paid money to be in the class, for example, which motivates you to fully participate. It also has a specific schedule when you’re expected to be there.

In addition, having classmates helps you stay motivated. The experience can feel like a team all striving for the same goal.

Learning New Things

Even if you completed swimming lessons many years ago, there’s always the opportunity to learn more in an adult course. You might already have a solid background in the fundamentals, but you can learn more about specific routines that are beneficial for certain purposes.

Some swimmers want to lose weight and improve their body composition, for example. Others want to gain significant improvement in aerobic capacity or in swim speed.


Some people feel that swimming laps is too boring. If you tend to have this opinion, you might instead view this type of exercise routine as a meditative one. It can provide a rhythmic ritual that is a welcome break from the sometimes chaotic and stressful nature of daily life.

By including lap swimming as part of your exercise regimen, you’ll boost your physical fitness and become a stronger, faster swimmer. Participating in a class brings additional benefits, including staying motivated and having the chance to make new friends. Get started soon and enjoy the positive results.

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