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Is Standing While Working Really Good for You?


One of the latest trends in the workplace is the standing desk. Employees can have a standing work style throughout the day. But does standing while working really affect your health?

Just Sitting or Just Standing Cause Issues

Studies have shown that those who sit for 8 or more hours per day increase their risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart attacks by 125%. Sitting all day can also cause shoulder and back pain. It causes pressure in your disks to increase, making them more likely to bulge.

Standing, alone, however, is not the answer. Being on your feet all day can cause physical pain and discomfort with the lower back, knee, and foot problems. It can even lead to a lack of productivity. Experts suggest a combination of sitting and standing is the best to improve health and work focus.

Sitting AND Standing Improve Health

Employees who use sit-stand movable desks suffer less from fatigue and lower back issues. Research also shows that both sitting and standing lose weight, show improved mental health, and are more engaged in their work than those who only sit or stand.

standing desk

Can’t Afford a Sit-Stand Desk?

Research shows that a combination of sitting and standing is the ideal work set-up. If you get a sit-stand desk, try these methods:

  • Stand every 30 minutes
  • Take walking breaks
  • Do stretches
  • Change positions often
  • Dance
  • Pace

Any type of movement will help keep the disks in your back hydrated and combat the health risks of a sedentary work style.

Health Is Just as Important as Work

Keeping up a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious food and exercising is the best way to improve your health. But small changes like moving position during the day, improve aches, productivity, and the risk of serious health issues. Consider investing in a sit-stand desk. There’s a wealth of research to support the benefits of making this change – for both you and your employer.

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