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Well, actually, I do not hate exercise. I love it. I may dislike the idea of exercise at times. But, once I am doing it, I definitely enjoy it. That being said regular exercise is the SECRET to weight maintenance. It is truly the only thing proven to keep your weight loss permanent. The key to exercise is in doing an activity that you enjoy. Any activity that includes movement will burn calories.

The benefits however for exercise go far beyond calories. Exercise is a stress reliever. Exercise shrinks your waist even if you are not losing weight. Exercise improves mood and depression. Exercise helps you sleep. Exercise improves sex drive. Exercise gives you time to get outside and enjoy nature. Exercise helps you lower your blood sugar. Exercise gives you time to get away and solve or process your daily problems. Exercise is the key to health.

When starting regular exercise and have chronic medical concerns, please clear it with your physician. Don’t start out too long or too intense. Stop if you become short of breath or something hurts.

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