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How to Stay Active While Under Self-Isolation


Staying at home all day may be a boring experience for most people, especially those who are used to going to the gym or practicing outdoor sports. However, staying at home doesn’t mean you have to let go of your active lifestyle and spend most of the time sleeping. Instead of complaining about a sudden lifestyle change, get creative and you’ll find plenty of things to keep yourself busy at home.

Do Home-Based Exercises

There are many exercises that don’t require special equipment, such as pushups, mountain climbing, planking, squats, hip bridges, or chair dips. You’ll burn as many calories as you desire if you do enough of them. Best of all, you don’t need a large space to do these exercises. Even your bedroom will make a perfect exercise place.


Home cooking is something most people forgo when they have a busy work schedule. However, eating out means you have no control over the ingredients that are put in the food. This period of staying at home is a great opportunity for you to up your cooking skills. Shop for ingredients in bulk, preferably online, and try those elegant dinner recipes that you haven’t had the chance or courage to tackle before. Your family will thank you.

Cleaning Up the House

Cleaning your home is a good way to stay active during self-isolation. Dragging the heavy vacuum cleaner around alone consumes quite a lot of calories, and if you have a garden to tend to also, there’s no shortage of chores to keep you busy. For families with kids, summoning the help of your kids will not only help to speed things up but also ensure they are learning something useful for their independent life later.

Stand Up as Much as You Can

If you do remote work, try standing up instead of sitting while working. Standing up burns more energy than sitting, and you’ll feel more active not having to sit for long hours.

Above are some effective activities to keep you active while staying home. Try them and observe the difference in your energy level.

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