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Food labels are supposed to make eating right easier but with claims like “No Trans fats” and “Low Fat” can actually make dieting and weight loss much harder.

When a product states that it has no trans fats, it’s not necessarily low fat. It is also not necessarily healthy or low calorie. Trans fats are chemically modified fats that can have an adverse affect on your cholesterol level. Consuming foods that don’t have trans fats is always better than consuming those with trans fats, but that doesn’t mean they are diet appropriate. Look at the amount of calories, total fat and sugar on the package to determine if the food is right for you.

Low fat foods and reduced fat foods are often on our grocery lists as suitable diet foods. But did you know that sugar has no fat? It also has a lot of calories. So you can eat no-fat sugar and still sabotage your diet because the amount of calories it contains does not fit in your diet. This is often the case with low fat and reduced fat foods. They may have added sugar to improve taste and the amount of calories in the food might make it unsuitable for your diet.

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