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Combine loads of sunshine with expansive flat lands and you are going to find yourself a thriving golf community. That is definitely the case when it comes to Arizona. Golf clubs can be found throughout the state, some of them exceptionally beautiful. With more than 20 golf courses in the Scottsdale area alone, chances are that if you’ve in Arizona for a little while then you already know where a golf course is local to your home. What you may not realize is that golf could be the answer to one of your biggest weight loss problems: finding a form of exercise that keeps you interested and on the move day after day.

Ask anyone who plays golf and they will tell you the same thing: there is something about the sport that hooks you in and keeps you coming back. Maybe it is the necessary concentration that it takes to hit the ball in just the right spot. Perhaps it is the thrill of realizing you knocked a small ball hundreds of yards only for it to end up in a tiny hole. Then again it could be the amazing scenery or the classy clubs with top-notch amenities that could keep you interested in going back for more. Whatever it is that calls you to the green, there is good reason to embrace it. Golf is actually a pretty good workout, especially when combined with other components of a healthy lifestyle.

How to Lose Weight on the Golf Course

To make your golfing habit into a helpful component of your weight loss plan, try a few of the following strategies:

  • Walk as much as you can. While some courses are too large and a golf cart is a necessity, you can still try to foot as much of the course as possible. Walking burns calories and is a great cardiovascular workout.
  • Practice your swing often. This is actually a great core workout, especially when you are at a driving range and are repeating the swing over and over again.
  • Weight train for your swing. There are a lot of pro-tips online as to how you can improve your swing, and weight lifting is actually a really helpful strategy here. This is a great way to burn calories and tone muscle, too.

Finding a form of exercise that you enjoy is a great way to invest in your weight loss program. Check out the local golf courses in the Scottsdale area—you have plenty to choose from! Once you are out on the green, do your best to stay on your feet and be active as you enjoy the sport.

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