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Gina’s Weight Loss Success Story

My struggle in managing my weight began shortly after I was married in 2001. Between my full-time career as an Industrial Engineer and raising 5 children, I had very little time to think about myself and overall well-being. Carting the children to and from extracurricular activities meant there were many nights passing through a drive through window. It was our norm!

Years have passed, the children (for the most part) are all grown up now. I found myself with an opportunity to focus on “ME” for a change. My journey did not begin out of wanting to “look” better – after all my husband loves me regardless of my size. My journey began because I wanted to BE better – and be a good role model for my children.

Gina's before & after“I considered Scottsdale Weight Loss many years ago – however due to our budget at the time in raising our family – I decided to hold off. I tried to manage my weight on my own with Weight Watchers. It was a good program and I experienced success. However, I remember feeling ravenous looking at nutrition labels and thinking “I don’t have time to calculate points! I’m starving!” I didn’t have enough time to prepare my meals each day.”

In 2016, my son graduated college. I couldn’t find pants stretchy enough to accommodate my wide hips. The beautiful heels I used to wear were no longer a safe option for me as I couldn’t balance my body on them anymore. I couldn’t tie my shoes and buckling my sandals was an acrobatic act. I went to his graduation knowing I wasn’t looking my best – but more importantly – interiorly -I wasn’t feeling my best anymore. My confidence and self-love were at an all-time low.

My journey with Scottsdale Weight Loss Center began on May 4, 2016- the day I met and spoke to Angela. I think she knew I was fighting back tears as we spoke, her personality was very peaceful and calming. She is now that friend I look for every time I walk in because with each wave and “hello!’, it is also my “Thank You! Thank you for getting me started!” She placed me with one of the practice doctors and I couldn’t be happier. My doctor looks out for me!!! He has encouraged me to work on my health from different perspectives. Nutrition. Education. Fitness. I began with Optifast Full Meal Replacements which were awesome. I had no trouble adhering to the meals and they really helped catapult my progress! The classes were so beneficial to me because they helped change my thinking about how I viewed health, nutrition, and fitness. I plan on taking them all again! The changes my own children have made as a result of seeing my progress are priceless. My oldest daughter now trains with me 4 times a week at the gym. My younger daughter gets up 15 minutes earlier every morning to pack herself healthy lunches as she now has a new-found interest in nutrition. These are changes we would not have experienced had I not walked into the office that afternoon of May 4th.

I always remind myself…” The Goal Isn’t To Be Perfect. The Goal Is To Get Better and to Never Ever Stop.” I will always have my relationship with Scottsdale Weight Loss Center and Dr. Ziltzer. They truly helped me change my life forever.

*Medical weight loss program results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to our weight loss specialists about the results you can expect.

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