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Getting to Know Your Pedometer


When you live near Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona, you will find that walking for exercise is important and easy, due to clear sunny skies so conducive to spending time outdoors. A pedometer is highly recommended by fitness gurus and medical weight loss advisors to tally up daily steps as part of many fitness programs. Even Dr. Oz has recommended walking at least 5000 steps daily as an ideal fitness goal and as an important exercise for a weight loss program.

A pedometer is a simple fitness accessory tool that allows counting of footsteps when a body is in motion. The word “pedometer” literally translates as foot measure, but the common meaning is step counter. There are various types of pedometers, from simple counters to complex digital calculators that can estimate steps, distance and calories burned. They are highly accurate for walking activities, and slightly less for activities with varying strides like running, jogging or climbing.

Some tips to remember when getting to know your pedometer:

  1. Do a test of about 50 steps to check for accuracy.
  2. The pedometer should fit snugly to the body in an upright position. Fasten securely to belt or waistband.
  3. Use a tape measure and measure wet footprints from heel to heel to determine your stride length if you need to enter this for calculations.
  4. Try to keep your strides equal while using the pedometer for medical weight loss exercising.
  5. Use your pedometer rather than trying to count your own steps; it is far easier and then you can enjoy your walking exercise.

Getting to know your pedometer will help you achieve walking goals in any weight loss program. It is fun and easy to see how many steps you have walked, and if you need to do a little more to reach a goal.

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