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Getting kids to eat healthy foods can be a challenge. Any tool you can add to your arsenal can make a big difference. Bento box lunches are a great way to give your child attractive portions of healthy foods that they will get excited about. Bento boxes are lunch boxes that have a number of compartments in them. You can find some in the Scottsdale area, and even more online.

A bento lunch is made up of small portions of cute foods. They help you put a variety of foods in front of your child. Most bento-ready foods are finger foods, which are usually a win with the kids. There are many low calorie foods that are perfect for bento box lunches, and this is also ideal if your child needs to lose weight. What should you pack in your child’s bento? Here are a few ideas perfect for someone on a medical weight loss program:

  • Raw sugar snap peas sharing a space with baby carrot sticks. The similar shapes and contrasting colors make these attractive bento ingredients.
  • Leftover skinless chicken breast, cubed. For a colorful taste boost, try topping with furikake, a decorative seasoning that can be purchased in Asian grocery stores.
  • Grape tomatoes. Your child will love the bright colors and diminutive size of these treats.
  • Onigiri, an easy to make cold rice treat from Japan. These can be filled with pickled vegetables and wrapped in nori (seaweed) for a tasty and cute treat. You can even buy special molds to make onigiri in shapes such as bears and kittens.
  • Strawberries, blueberries or cubed fresh fruit. These are low in calories and high in the nutrients your child needs to stay healthy.
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