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Intermittent Fasting shows No Benefit over Regular Dieting

Posted: May 13 in Research, Resource by

Recent press as well as a small study or two has hinted that intermittent fasting is metabolically superior to standard dieting and subsequently intermittent fasting has taken off as the current “diet du jour.” In this study by Shubel et al, a randomized controlled trial was performed to test whether intermittent fasting (IF) in a […]

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Artificial Sweeteners do NOT affect Appetite, Energy Intake or Food Choices Versus Water

Posted: May 13 in Pharmacology, Research by

A recent study published in Appetite, shows that when compared to water, artificial sweeteners (low calorie sweeteners) (LCS) do not affect appetite, energy intake or food choices.    For several years, it has been believed commonly (but falsely), that the replacement of sugar by LCS results in several maladaptive physiologic changes including uncoupling of the LCS […]

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PROBIOTICS—Should We Reconsider?

Posted: May 11 in Opinion, Research by

The use of probiotics has become almost universally recommended.   Two new studies advise caution on the blanket use of probiotics.  Probiotics are beneficial in some patients but other patients may, unfortunately, have little response and even show adverse reactions to probiotics.  To summarize what we know:   Stool samples alone do not provide an accurate picture […]

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Does Breastfeeding Lead to Weight Loss?

Posted: May 11 in Opinion, Research by

There is a perception that one of the benefits of breastfeeding is weight loss.  This premise makes sense since at least 500-1000 calories are expended in breast milk production. That’s like running five to ten miles! Based on the current data that it takes 4500 calories to burn a pound of fat, one would expect […]

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Early-life Weight Gain and the NFL

Posted: May 10 in Research by

Any long term (American-style) football fan has noticed the markedly increasing size of players at all levels of competition from high school to the National Football League (NFL). The sport may select for inherently large individuals but early-life weight gain is still common and the health implications remain incompletely understood. A recently published clinical research […]

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