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How many times have you thought to yourself it is time to eat healthy? Eating healthy sounds great, but what does it really mean? Simply telling yourself, or someone else for that matter, to eat healthy doesn’t help them achieve healthiness in any way, shape or form. That is because “healthy” eating has several forms. For this reason heart health experts are recommending that family doctors stop urging patients with potential heart problems to simply eat healthy, but instead recommend participation in a nutrition program that highlights the most effective strategies for eating in a heart healthy manner.

Eating healthy can look a lot different to different people. For some, to be healthy means to cut calories, which in turn is going to support your weight loss efforts. But for others, eating healthy comes down to the nutrient intake. Maybe that means eating a high fiber diet. Maybe that means getting plenty of protein. Still for others, the only diet plan that is “healthy” is one that is free of meats, or carbohydrates, or gluten, or sugar, or caffeine.

So which of these is the right answer? None of them, and all of them. And here lies the confusion.

The type of dietary plan that is going to be healthiest for you depends on several factors. Your medical history, such as your heart health and weight level, will play a role in determining what type of diet plan will help you achieve optimal health. But beyond that, the healthiest dietary plan for you is one that you will actually follow!

There are some people who thrive on a vegan diet. Their body does great without diary or meat. Yet, for someone else, the same exact diet could be pretty much impossible to stick to. The same goes for diets high in fiber, without gluten, free of sugar, and so on. What works for one person doesn’t always work for another.

But when it comes to eating healthy for your heart, the need to figure out the best healthy diet plan for you is paramount. Browsing the web for a healthy diet plan doesn’t take into account your history or medical needs. This is why it makes sense to team up with a medical weight loss doctor. By working with a nutrition expert, you can find a dietary program that meets your lifestyle and personal health needs, and get the ongoing guidance and support necessary to help you keep up with it.

So stop trying to find the perfect healthy diet based on someone else’s experience. The only healthy diet for you is the one that works for your body’s needs, and a medical weight loss doctor can help you find that.

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